Victorian Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator-elect Ricky Muir

The Victorian Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator-elect has also gained a level of infamy following the airing of videos showing him performing burnouts, throwing kangaroo poo and stumbling through a rare media interview.


SBS contacted a spokesman for the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, as well as Mr Muir’s senior advisor Glenn Druery, but both declined from commenting or arranging an interview with Mr Muir. No response was received by time of publishing to questions put to Mr Muir and his advisor via email.

The reluctance to engage with the media follows an interview with journalist Mike Willesee for Channel 7 which saw 34-year-old Mr Muir have difficulty explaining the meaning of the term “balance of power”.

The timber mill worker gave a short interview in Boston in June, during which he described the balance of power as “the potential if… in this case, Labor and Greens… it’s the power to vote down legislation in the right circumstance”.

Mr Muir left the interview for advice from a minder after failing to explain what the term “after market industry” meant, despite using it several times during the interview.

Mr Druery has since told media that the Senator-elect was not shying away from the media following the interview, saying that he will have a “frank and open relationship with the media”.  

Mr Muir has also made headlines over his alliance with the Palmer United Party.

In a statement released earlier this month, Muir said: “Whilst we are prepared to talk with everyone in the government for a best-possible outcome for the motoring community, this shouldn’t be construed as a lack of solidarity with the PUP”.

Speaking to media on June 28, Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer said “I think Ricky Muir will vote with us”.

The core values of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, listed on the party’s website, include minimal government interference, smaller government and society’s responsibility to the disadvantaged.

“We take pride in our vehicles, pride in our Nation, and promote the notion of a ‘fair go for all’,” it reads.